Energy-intensive housing, a high-voltage start?


 This June 5th is World Environment Day. The energy consumption and impact of your property is becoming an increasingly crucial factor, both for financial evaluation and for environmental impact.   

There are several crucial aspects to consider when buying or selling a property, in order to improve your energy footprint.  


The analysis and estimation of the energy consumption of the property is a first criterion. The majority of homes in France and many countries have traditionally had poor energy performance. To solve this concern, make sure you have efficient insulation. Roof, walls, windows, exposure... Many solutions, more or less expensive, are available to reduce both your bills and your ecological footprint.   


The various low consumption buildings or passive house properties have been developing more and more in recent years, and are being sold at a significant increase in value; sometimes up to 20% of a traditional home.   

Their low impact, thanks to intelligent construction designed to meet these energy constraints, represents both an ecological advantage and a significant saving.  


Even more ambitious, green roofs are increasingly being developed in urban areas, resulting in real energy savings.   

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they are part of the High Environmental Quality movement, and sometimes have High Energy Performance labels.   


On a day-to-day basis, a judicious choice and frequent maintenance of your household appliances can also have a considerable impact on reducing your bills.   


All these factors are therefore important and are among the major factors to take into account when buying a property. Installing a sustainable heating system in your home is a significant investment, which is also eligible for various government grants for financing, particularly in France.  


The choice of your energy source can trigger a new societal dynamic; thermal, biomass or CMV solutions; the start of a more responsible commitment.  


To find out about the schemes supported by the French government to improve your home; follow the link   

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