To sell or Buy at first, Where to begin?

The transition from one property to another is often perceived as a real turning point in the household. Each family evolves and wants its home to adapt to its new level of requirements.  

For peace of mind and financial security, you are strongly advised to obtain the cash from the sale of your current home beforehand, if it is the main contribution to your new purchase. This will allow you to follow your operational schedule with serenity, and will give you the opportunity to ideally coincide your move with the installation of your future home. 

Sometimes, a crush can change a decision in an instant. The lack of available property (tight flow) in the area, encourages selling first. It is therefore important to think about and take into account these factors beforehand, so as not to miss out on the "deal of the year", or a unique find. You can then choose the option of a long sale which will allow you to support your purchase proposal with a solid financial file.

It is also a good idea to specify at the time of signing the mandate that you wish to release the property at a later date, thus giving you more time to find your next home. 
However, each situation and each property is unique and therefore needs to be treated on a case by case basis. The geographical location, its price, its characteristics are important factors for the realization of a sale. Do not hesitate to call upon a professional to estimate it and to find the strategy to put in place according to your situation and your life project.

If the sale of your property before the purchase seems feasible to you, as financial aid, you can make use of a bridging loan, or a purchase-resale loan, sometimes more interesting. Make sure, however, that your current home is easy to move into. Start by having your property appraised by at least 3 agencies. 
It is useful to know that, during a study of a bridging loan, your banker will only take 70% of the value of your property. This will drastically reduce your purchasing power.  

Today, we have noticed that the marketing of properties is slowed down by the sellers who are afraid of not finding their future home and, on the other hand, are confronted with a shortage of properties for sale. 
The in-between stage is one that requires operational logistics. If you are selling first, make sure you have the financial capacity to plan for a rental, two moves, and other temporary constraints (accessibility to transportation, shops, distance from the children's school, internet connection, furniture storage...). Conversely, take into account the risks involved in a premature purchase, and take the necessary precautions so that this important step remains financially serene. 

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