Real estate, a safe bet ?

Real anchor in the French economy, investment in real estate is very popular in France, because of its multiple advantages.  The constant evolution of prices over the last few years is a sure and tangible incentive to invest your savings. 
Within the large agglomerations, the price of real estate values has increased by more than 20% in ten years. 
There are several possibilities to become a homeowner. Buying your own home provides a real anchor, more beneficial than a long-term rental. Over the years, this property will increase in value if it is well located; and the monthly payments will stop once the total repayment is made. This important investment will then allow you to resell it in order to move to a new home or to have a substantial cash flow.
In addition, certain solutions such as the Prêt à Taux Zéro (zero-interest loan) facilitate a purchase in the new home, by proposing preferential credit conditions (up to 40% of the sum borrowed without interest).
Similarly, buying to rent is a source of passive income that can become very lucrative. 
Numerous schemes adapted to your needs are available, notably through incentives and tax reductions, such as the Pinel law. 
If however, the rigor imposed by its management bothers you, the management can be delegated to specialized agencies. 
The real estate investment represents at the same time the concretization of a personal project of life but also potentially an act of transmission. Like gold, stone remains an unquestionable refuge value. 

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